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Poster:News Date:2017-09-15
Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling,
National Taiwan Normal University Recruitment Notice for Full-Time Professors, 2017 Academic Year
2017. 9. 15
1.          Title and Vacancy: full-time (or project) associate professors or higher
2.          Qualifications:
(1) Graduates of domestic and foreign universities with a doctorate or diploma of equivalent level.
     (2) Apart from new teachers with doctoral degrees, newly appointed full-time teachers should possess one of the following qualifications:
1. Publication of two SCI, SSCI, TSSCI, EI, A&HCI, or THCI core-level journal articles as the first author or corresponding author in the last three years.
2. Control of at least two research projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology [MOST, formerly the National Science Council (NSC)] over the last three years.
        The aforementioned journal articles and MOST- (formerly NSC-) funded research projects are interchangeable.
     (3) Newly appointed project teaching staff must have published two SCI, SSCI, A&HCI, EI, TSSCI, or THCI core-level journal articles in the last three years.
3.          Academic specialty:
(1) Psychometrics; applicants familiar with psychological test theories and practices and possessing digital test, education statistics, and big data analysis expertise are preferred.
(2) School counseling.
(3) Counseling psychology.
4.          Application documents required:
(1) Curriculum vitae (Appendix 1).
(2) Photocopies of relevant certificates (for example: doctoral degree certificate and other supporting information).
(3) Autobiography.
5. Full-time teacher applicants: According to the “Distinguished Talent Incentive” of the Office of Research and Development, a maximum monthly incentive of NT$ 60,000, NT$ 40,000, NT$ 30,000, NT$ 20,000, or NT$ 10,000 will be awarded to new recruits based on their performance in academic, industrial, or interdisciplinary research.(New assistant professors will receive assistance in applying for an additional incentive of NT$ 30,000 per month from MOST for three consecutive years; professors formerly employed in a foreign university who return to teach in Taiwan for the first time will receive assistance in applying for a MOST incentive of up to NT$ 80,000 for three consecutive years).
6. Applicants for project teaching staff vacancies: The tenth item of the “Outline for the Trial Implementation of the Appointment of Project Teaching and Research Staff at National Taiwan Normal University” stipulates that “Project teaching and research staff with outstanding performance are prioritized.”
7. Application Time:
(1) Application Deadline:February 28, 2018.
(2) Applications should be submitted by post or e-mail, addressed to Professor Tien Hsiu-Lan; Department Chair; Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling; National Taiwan Normal University; No. 162, Sec. 1, Heping East Road, Taipei City 106 [Please indicate “Application for Full-Time (or Project) Teacher Position: (applicant’s name)” on your documents]. Please keep a copy of your application documents as submitted documents will not be returned. Please also send an electronic copy of your curriculum vitae to the contact person’s e-mail, t05002@ntnu.edu.tw, with “Application for full-time (or project) teaching position: (applicant’s name)” in the subject line.
8. Contact person: Ms. Lee Her-Ching (02-77343757; e- mail: t05002@ntnu.edu.tw).
9. Fax: 02-2341-3865; e-mail (Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling): psy-edu@deps.ntnu.edu.tw.
Note: Applicants are kindly requested to register their application information on the Personnel Office website: http://pms.itc.ntnu.edu.tw/HireApp.
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