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Mission statement and core competencies

I.        mission statement

A.         Core values and missions

1.To balance theories and practices by stressing practicum trainings under supervision for the purpose of professional enhancement

2.To strengthen the theoretical foundation for application of psychology through research innovations

3.To foster divergent thinking and career development, and to cultivate concerns for humanity and social services

4.To enhance international exchange and to cultivate a global vision and perspective

B.       The DEPC endeavors to cultivate students who

1. have the qualities of compassion, perseverance, enthusiasm, willing spirit and sincerity

2. possess knowledge for effective teaching and competence in professional helping skills

3. are capable of divergent thinking

4. hold an interdisciplinary and global perspective


II.         Distinctive features of our curriculum  

A.  DECP’s undergraduate curriculum provides theoretical and practical trainings that involve practicum opportunities with and high quality fied supervisions. We aim to provide our students with a solid foundation of professional for the knowledge and multi-level competence needed for pursing career prospects in diverse fields.

B.   The DEPC provides graduate trainings in two field[BK1] , one in educational psychology and the other in counseling psychology, with ields provide master’s and doctoral programs in both.

PhD and master’s programs in educational psychology include coursework in learning theories in cognition, emotions, motivation, and behaviors with a focus on promoting teaching & learning innovations.

PhD and master’s programs in counseling psychology aim to train researchers and practitioners in the field of counseling psychology. These programs provide training in professional ethics, psychological diagnosis and assessment, counseling interventions, techniques and processes, etc.

C.   The par-time master’s programs are designed for those who work full-time to help them manage  the increasingly complex workplace and the heightening work-related stress.  The curriculum is designed to enhance students’ knowledge and competence in mental health area. The courses aim to strengthen individuals’ self-efficacy and ability to cope with stressful situations, and to enable the person to maintain personal well-being and to effectively function in an organization.


III.  Core competence of our students

A.      At the Knowledge and Cognitive Dimension

1. to acquire the fundamental knowledge about human minds and behaviors

2. to acquire the core knowledge about teaching and curriculum designs

3. to acquire related knowledge and capacityompetence  regarding delivering counseling and guidance

B.   At the Vocational Development Front

1. to acquire the nepractical capacity and skills capacity in engaging in curriculum designs and teaching

2. to acquire the practical capacity and skills capacity in conducting counseling and guidance

3. to acquire the capacity and skills conducting research in psychology (this one applies to graduate students at both M.Ed. and Ph.D. levels)

C.   At the Personal Characterlogical Front

1. to develop a global/international perspective and the ability to engage in multi-dimensional, divergent thinking

2. to respect individual differences among people

3. to possess the qualities and attributes of a counselor

D.   At the Moral Value and Ethical Front  

1. to possess the knowledge and capacity in professional ethics

2. to possess a humanitarian and caring personal spirit
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