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Space Design

       In order to meet local education and training needs and take advantage of local faculty expertise, all important aspects of programs within the department would be ensure to promote the linkage between theories and practice. Students are involved in training experiences that represent the diverse contexts in which counselors and psychologists are employed.

  Our department occupies the fifth and sixth floors of the Education building of NTNU. Apart from the classrooms and offices, there are also an individual counseling room, a group counseling room, a one-side mirror observation room, a psychology laboratory, a computer room, a library and a psychological tests data room, so as to meet the needs of tacademics and students in teaching and research.

Books and Facilities

    Our hardware teaching facilities include equipment for psychological experiments such as Skinner Box, sound and video recording equipment for counseling, audio-video teaching equipment, optical page-reading machines, card-reading machines, and personal computers with intranet and internet accesses. There are over 8,000 filed-related books in Chinese, English and other languages in our NTNU main library. Furthermore, there are more than 120 foreign academic periodicals on display in our department library. Moreover, we have over 120 kinds of tests, and over 800 volumes of audio-video teaching cassettes. We are purchasing more books and facilities each year to equip our academics and students for teaching and academic research.


  The library provides all the materials and services that students need to excel in our programs. They contain current books, journals, and audiovisual equipment in clinical and counseling psychology. This includes a full range of traditional and electronic resources including strong diagnostic tests and video collections. The library provides the internet services and has an up-to-date computer lab with the latest version word processing, test scoring and statistical software packages, such as SPSS and SAS.

  The students have access to the person computer cluster housed in University Computer Center.

  The Department also has abundant computer resources to students training in basic programming and the opportunity to become familiar with statistical packages, such as SPSS and SAS, etc.

  To enable professors to publish their research papers, the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling published "Bulletin of Education Psychology".

  The majors offered in our department are General Psychology, Psychology of   Personality, Statistics in Education and Psychology, Theories and Techniques in Counseling, etc.

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