Subjects and Orientations

      All subjects can be classified into five parts

1.       The subjects of fundamental theory in psychology: General psychology, Psychology of Adolescence, Psychology of Personality, Psychology of Learning, Psychology of Children, Abnormal psychology, Educational psychology, Social psychology, Western History of psychology and etc.

2.       The subjects of Counseling theory and Technique: Theories & Techniques of Counseling, Group guidanceCareer guidance, Educational guidance, Case studies, Behavior Modification and etc.

3.       The subjects of research methods: Statistics In Psychology & Education, Mental & Education Measurement, Research Method in Behavior Science and etc.

4.       Others: such as Interpersonal relationship, Classroom Practices, Leisure Education and Guidance and  etc.

5.       Practices: such as Practices of counseling, Practices of teaching, Practices in Growth Group, Practices in Psychology Testing and etc.

      The orientations of the curriculum are divided into two parts educational psychology and  counseling and guidance.

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