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Admissions Announcement for the Interview of Overseas Chinese Student Admission for the Fall Semester of 2024
Admissions Announcement for the Interview of International Student Admission for the Fall Semester of 2024
Admissions 111Course Structure for In-service Master's Degree Program (111-10-18 revised)
Admissions Master's program course structure applicable to students who enrolled in the academic year of 2022
Admissions Course Structure for Undergraduate Program
Honor Roll Congratulations to the following professors from our department: Yu-Cin Jian, Po-Hsi Chen, Chao-Jung Wu, Min-Pei Lin, Li-Fei Wang, Yi-Fang Hsu , Ching-Ling Cheng, and Hsiu-Lan Shelley Tien, for being awarded the "Special Outstanding Talent Award" subsidy from the National Science and Technology Council for the academic year 112 (from August of the year 112 to July of the year 113).
Honor Roll Congratulations to Professor Hsueh-Chih Chen from our department for receiving the National Excellent Teacher Award of MOE in the year 112.
Reward_Subsidy Starting from today, our university is accepting applications for the "112th Academic Year Subsidy for Doctoral Students to Conduct Short-term Research Abroad." Applications are reviewed upon receipt. If you have any questions, please contact Miss Zhuo Yingjun from the Division of Research Coordination of the Office of Research and Development. Contact phone: internal extension 1319, email:
Admissions 2023 Fall International Students Application for the Bachelor / Master's / Doctoral Programs
Honor Roll Congratulate Prof. Song Yao-Ting and Prof. Chen Baixi for winning the 110th "R&D Achievement Promotion Performance Award" of the NTNU.