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In-service master's Thesis

編號 研究生 指導老師 論文題目
ME112101 Hsu, Ting-Yu Chang, Yu-Ling The Association between Junior High School Students' Executive Functions and Life Satisfaction: With Cognitive Flexibility and Emotional Intelligence as Mediating Variables
ME112102 Chen, Ying-Ru Chang, Yu-Ling Effect of Executive Function Training in Mathematical Curriculum on Primary School Children's Executive Function, Mathematical Creativity and Learning Performance of Mathematics
ME112103 Wang, Hsin-Hui Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley The Perception, Challenge and Coping Stratege on Facing the Female Adolescent Consensual Sexaul Behavior by Junior High School Counseling Teachers
ME112104 Cheng, Yu-Ling Tien, Hsiu-Lan&Wen, Hsin-Hsueh Role Perception and Interdisciplinary Collaboration Experiences of School Guidance Counselors and School Social Wokers in Secondary Schools of New Taipei City
ME112105 Huang, Hui-Min Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley The Impact of Women's Famliy-of-Origin Experiences on Marital Relationships
ME112106 Ku, Ping-Jung Tien, Hsiu-Lan A Case Study Research of Exploring the Recovery Processes of Chronic Repetitive Self-Injury Among Junior High School Student
ME112107 Huang, Yi-Ting Chen, Hsueh-Chih The Impact of Integrating Humor into English Dictation Instruction on High School Students' English Listening Anxiety, Learning Motivation, and Academic Performance
ME112108 Lin, Liang-Chun Tien, Hsiu-Lan&Wen, Hsin-Hsueh Challenges and Coping Strategies of Selective Mutism Patients' Parents Through Grounded Theory
ME112109 Chao, Yu-Hsuan Tien, Hsiu-Lan Exploring the Relationship between Self-Efficacy and Intention to Stay of Rehabilitation Therapists: The Mediating Mechanism of Job Satisfaction and Satisfaction with Life
ME112110 Hsieh, Bea-Gwoun Chen, Hsiu-Jung Depression, Anxiety and Quality of Life in Patients with a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD): An Exploratory Study
ME112111 Kao, Chieh-Yun Wang, Ying-Fen The Relationship between Parental Attachment and Self-Worth of Senior and Vocational High School Students with Learnung Disabilities - Social Support as a Moderator Variable
ME111101 Wu, Wen-Jung Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. The Work Dilemma and Adaptation Process of Elementary School Guidance Counselors
ME111102 Chen, Ching-Yun Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. A Study of Junior High School Guidance Counselor's Dilemma and Resilience of Working with Suicidal Cases
ME111103 Liu, Chih-Ya Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. The Relationship between Work-family Enrichment and Job Satisfaction, Subjective Wellbeing of Journalist: Self-views as the Moderator
ME111104 Huang, Yi-Hua Chen, Hsiu-Jung, Ph.D. A Study on Job Stress and Coping Strategies of Elementary School Teachers in New Taipei City during the Covid-19 Pandemic
ME111105 Mei, Shang-Chen Chen, Hsiu-Jung, Ph.D. A Study on Relationship among Senior High School Teacher Self-compassion, Solitude Experience, and Teachers' Working Pressure in Senior High School
ME111106 Jeng, Li-Yin Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. A Study of the Teacher-Parent Communication Experience of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Preschool Inclusion
ME111201 Wang, Hsin-Yu Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D. The Effect of Social and Emotional Learning Program on Elementary School Students' Social-Emotional Learning, Emotional Competence, and Attitude of Acceptance to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
ME111202 Yeh, Chang-Chun Chen, Hsiu-Jung, Ph.D. Exploring Junior High School Counselor's Experience of System Collaboration in Student Dropout Intervention
ME111203 Huang, Fang-Yao Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. A Narrative Research of Work Family Role Balance and Enrichment of the Dual-career Female Civil Servant Supervisors
ME111204 Wang, Chu-Jun Chang, Yu-Lin, Ph.D. The Relationship between Civil Servants' Workplace Emotional Experiences, Use of Emotion Regulation Strategies in Their Life Satisfaction: An Experience Sampling Approach Study
ME111205 Huang, Nai-Yi Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. An Entrepreneur's Career Resilience and Life Transformation
ME111206 Chiang, Ying-Chieh Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D. The Effects of Perspective-taking Articles on the Acceptance Attitudes toward Peers with Disabilities of Junior High School Students: Empathy as a Mediator
ME110201 Liao,Chien-Ming Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. A Relational Research on Personality traits, Resilience, and Career Self-Efficacy among Adult with Adverse Childhood Experiences
ME110202 Pan, I-Ping Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. The Meaning of Life under The Vision of Well-being
ME110203 Lin, You-Sih Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. The Relationship of Role Discrepancy, Work Stress, and Counseling Self-efficacy among Junior High School Counselors
ME110204 Kao, Ching-Ya Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. A Study on Relationship between Self-Care and Professional Commitment of Junior High school Counselors in Taipei-Keelung Taoyuan Metropolitan Area: Perceived Organizational Support as the Moderator
ME110205 Chen, Pin-Yu Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D. The Influence of Social Emotional Learning Integrating Humor on Junior High School Students' Social Emotional Skills, Emotion Regulation, and Humor Coping
ME110206 Chiang, Chi-Wen Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D. The Influence of Junior High School Students' Humor Style and their Help-Seeking Attitudes-Using Resilience and Self-stigma as Mediating Variables
ME110207 Lin, Yu-Shan Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D. The Effect of Humor Integrated into Small Group Guidance on the Sense of Humor, Interpersonal Coping and Interpersonal Relationship in Junior High School Students with Interpersonal Disturbance
ME110208 Yao, Ya-Ju Chen, Hsiu-Jung, Ph.D. Effects of Basic Psychological Needs Theory on Life Adjustment of Junior High School Students: Resilience as a Mediator
ME110209 Chen, Pei-Ju Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. The Relationship among Adult Attachment Styles, Love Attitudes and Subjective Well-being of Dating App Users.
ME110210 Liu, Wan-Jing Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. A Correlation Study on Self-Efficacy, Emotion Regulation Strategies and Job Burnout of School Guidancd Counselor in Junior High School
ME110211 Tseng, Tzu-Rung Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. A Grounded Analysis of The Role Identity of Junior High School Counselors on School Refusal Clients and Collaboration Experience in Taipei
ME110212 Kuo, Ying-Wen Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. True Colors-Life Experiences and Career Calling of a Care Giver from Rural Atreas: A Narrative Analysis
ME110213 Hsieh, Yun-Hsuan Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D. The Effectiveness of Social and Emotional Course for Preschool Teachers
ME110214 Tsai, Wen-Ju Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. Narrative Research on the Intergenerational Transmission of Mother-Daughter Relationship
ME110215 Chien, Chia-Yi Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D. The Effects of Social-Emotional Learning Program for Preschool Children on Prosocial Behaviours and Problem Behaviours
ME110216 Tseng, Hsiao-Ya Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. A Study of Married Men with Children's Perceptual Experience of the Relation between Mother and Daughter-in-law and Their Marital Adjustment Processes
ME110217 Lo, Hsin-Yi Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D. Research on Executive Function, Positive Emotion, and Academic Grit of Primary School Autistic Students
ME110218 Liao, Yi-Han Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D. The Relationship between Interpersonal Relationship and Grit among ADHD: The Mediating Effect of Executive Functions
ME110219 Chiu, Wei-Lin Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. The Relationships among Adult Attachment Styles, Self-compassion and Parenting Stress of Elementary School Students' Parents
ME110220 Su, Yi-Ning Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. The Effects of Journey of the Brave Counseling Program on Taiwanese Children's Anxiety, Well-Being, and Life Adjustment
ME110101 Chiu, Yi Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. Learning to Face Life Alone ar an Early Age:Growth Story of a Schizoprenic Patient's Daughter
ME110102 Juan, Ling-Chien Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D. The Differences of Burnout between General and Special Education Teachers in Junior High School:Grit as a Mediator
ME110103 Lin, Yu-Hsun Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D. The Relationship between Humor Style and Political Participation:Thw Moderate Effect of Motivations for Internet USE
ME110104 Tu, Jia Yuan Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. The Influence of Art Education Therapy on Primary school students' Emotion Management,Prosocial Behavior,and Aggressive Behavior
ME110105 Chu, Hsiu-Ju Cheng, Lee-Chou, Ph.D. Chang, Yu-Lin, Ph.D. The Relationship Life Adjustment and Mental Health in Workplace Workers: Career Adaptability as aMediator
ME110106 Fei, Yu-Pang Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. Set off  to Find Yourself: A Study on Searching the Meaning in Life from Backpackers' Experience
ME110107 Liu, Ai-Min Lin, Cheng-Chang, Ph.D. A Study on the Interpersonal Fit, Role Conflicts and Work Adjustment Relationship of Correctional Officers 
ME110108 Ying, Yung-Chun Lin, Cheng-Chang, Ph.D. A Cross-level Analysis on the Impact of Occupational Fit and Anti-stress on Work Performance: Alifestyle Approach
ME109201 Chen, Yi-Ling Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. The Reflections on Life Experience of the Company of Companion Animal Hospice Care Experiences: A Phenomenological Approach 
ME109202 Chang, Yun-Ching Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. The Relationship between Career Decision Ambiguity Tolerance and Career Indecision: The Mediating Effect of Career Self-Efficacy
ME109203 Wei, Shih-Hui Chen, Lee-ChouPh.D. 
Chen, Shoo-May, Ph.D.
A Research on the Influence of Emotional Education Courses on Junior High School Students' Emotional Intelligence
ME109204 Chen, Sih-yu Wang, Li-fei, Ph.D. Is the Collaboration a Support or an Obstacle? The Research of School Refusal Problem from Homeroom Teacher's Perspective
ME109205 Chen, Yun-Hsuan Cheng, Ching-Yi, Ph.D.
Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D.
The Study on Appearance Management, Self-concept, Well-being among the Elemantary School Students
ME109206 Chien, Yu-hsiang Wang, Li-fei, Ph.D. A Study of Effective Teacher-parent Collaboration of Junior High School Counselors in Taiwan
ME109207 Liu, Liu-Yin Wang, Ying-Fen, Ph.D. The Effectiveness of Narrative-Oriented Group on Children Troubled by Peer Relationship Problems
ME109208 Wu, Ju-An Chang, Yu-Lin, Ph.D. Does "Quantity for Quality" Help to Improve Insights? Improved Instructional Methods of POV Thinking Tools Provide the Effectiveness of Insight Proposals for Learners
ME109209 Liu, Hui-Chuan Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. A study on the Effects of the Journey to Intimacy - Interpersonal Competence Training Course