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Professional Competence

1. Student core abilities
(1) Knowledge and cognition
Possess foundational knowledge of psychology and human behaviors
     1-2 Acquire essential knowledge of teaching
     1-3 Acquire relevant knowledge in the field of guidance and counseling.

(2) Career competency
     2-1 Possess necessary abilities to teach
     2-2 Possess necessary clinical skills to become a counselor
     2-3 Possess essential abilities in conducting psychological research (this refers to the professional ability index for students in master's or doctorate programs).
(3) Personal traits
     3-1 Develop global perspectives and abilities of thinking through multiple layers
     3-2 Respect individual differences
     3-3 Possess traits and characteristics necessary for being a competent counselor
(4) Values and ethics
     4-1 Be familiar with and following the professional code of ethics
     4-2 Acquire spirits of humanistic caring
2. Course map: [Course map of the Academic Affairs Office]