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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Forms

General Forms for Undergraduate and the
Postgraduate Programs

The application form for credit recognition. [attached file ]

General Forms for Postgraduate Program (Maste
r’s Program, In-service Master’s Program, Doctoral Program)

1. Thesis format for the cover page and the table of contents (applicable to students who enrolled since 2010) [attached file 1] [attached file 2 ]
2. Registration form for a self-negotiated thesis advisor. [attached file ]; Application form for thesis advisor match-up. [attached file ]; Application form for the change of thesis advisor. [attached file ]
3. The r
ecord form for thesis examination or proposal participation/hearing[attached file ]
4. The record form for format review for peers. [attached file] (applicable to students who apply for the thesis/dissertation proposal / final oral examination since 2023 academic year)
“Turnitin account” application form. [attached file ]

(1) Postgraduate students ought to apply for the account at least three days before the examination date. After submitting the application, the applicant will receive the link from the library within three days via school mail and be able to activate the account officially by then.
Please search the “Turnitin Thesis Originality Comparison System” on the website of the NTNU library.
After the plagiarism check, please save the "current viewing result" page as a PDF file. And then send it via email to the person in charge when applying for the thesis/dissertation oral examination and graduation procedure. Meanwhile, please print pages 1 and 2 of the result, (which includes your name, comparison date, thesis cover page, and other related information), the percentage of comparison, etc. (No need to print the entire book). Next, submit them together with the other hard copy documents to the department office.

6. Application form for the thesis/dissertation proposal / final oral examination
(1)  Starting in August 2022, students should apply online for the proposal / final oral examination. Please login to the student account →→ Student Affairs Related System → Application for Final Oral Examination
Please apply for the next-month exam by the 15th of the previous month, and mark the estimated graduation month and year. The deadline is November 15th in the first semester and April 15th in the second semester. Those who plan to take the exam in January should apply before November 15th, and those who plan to take the exam in July should apply before April 15th.
Master's and doctoral students in the daytime department, please apply for and hand over the files to the person in charge, Ms. Yin-Ling, Lin ( In-service master program students in the night department, please apply for and hand over the files to the contact staff, Ms. You-Chen, Chen (

7. Instructions, sheets, and fil
es regarding thesis/ dissertation oral examination. (Prepare for use before the oral examination)
8. Thesis/Dissertation Format Review Form. [attached file]
9. Degree Examination and School Leaving Procedure for Graduate Students.pdf

General Forms for the Doctoral Degree Program

1. Application form for the qualification examination for doctoral students. [attached file ]; Application form for thesis review as substitution of qualification examination.[attached file ]
2. R
equired application form for thesis review before the proposal oral examination. [attached file ]
3. Application form for the proposal oral examination ( Applicant should apply before the
15th of the previous month)[attached file ]
4. R
equired instructions, sheets, and files for the proposal oral examination. [attached file] (Prepare for use before the oral examination)