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Master’s Thesis

編號 研究生 指導老師 論文題目
M112101 Haung, Jou-Chia Chen, Huey-Jiuan The Relation between Academic Stress and Academic Emotion among High School Students: Mediating Role of Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction and Frustration
M112102 Tseng, Yao-Yu Liu, Tzu-Chien Regulating In-Class Digital Distraction: Investigating the Effects of Phone Placements and Settings on Digital Distraction Intensity and Learning Performance
M112103 Tseng, Kai-Hsiang Jian, Yu-Cin Understanding and Attitudes of Fourth-grade Students with Different Scientific Abilities When Reading Science Comics: An Eye Movement Study 
M112104 Lee, Andrea Christine T. Wang, Ya-Ling & Chang, Yu-Lin The Impact of Social Participation  on Life Satisfaction of Taiwanese Elderly: The Mediating Effect of Successful Aging
M112105 Liu, Hsin-Yun Lin, Cheng-Chang Exploring the Psychological Mechanisms of Procrastination through the Temporal Decision Model
M111101 Chen, Guang-Ying Wang, Yu-Chen, Ph.D. Narrative Research on the Adjustment and Resilience of Transfer Students
M111102 Tay, San San Wu, Pei-Li, Ph.D. Being with You: A Narrative Research about The Journey of Parents Raising a Child with Autism
M111103 Hung, Hsuan-Yi Chang, Yu-Lin, Ph.D. The Scale of Integrative Activities Domain Instructional Design Competency for Junior High School Teachers
M111104 Chen, Xin Ning Hsu, Yi-Fang, Ph.D. The Influence of Temporal Regularity on Pitch Perception
M111105 Jia, Yuan-Lang Chen, Huey-Jiuan, Ph.D. A Study on the Relationship between Time Perspective, Savoring and Flourishing among Adults in Cross-Strait
M111106 Wu, Yu-Ching Chen, Huey-Jiuan, Ph.D. A Dyadic Analysis on Mindfulness, Congruent Communication Stances and Parent-child Relationship Satisfaction among Junior High School Students and Their Parents
M111107 Chang, Shu-Han Lin, Cheng-Chang, Ph.D. The Decision Behavior of Different Decision-Making Style College Students under Different Framing Risky-choice
M111108 Liao, Szu-Yuan Wang, Yu-Chen, Ph.D. Meeting the Relational Self: A Self-Narrative Study of Being a Collaborative-Dialogic Practitioner
M111109 Wu, Yi-Han Chen, Huey-Jiuan, Ph.D. The Influence of Perceived Psychological Control among High-School Student on Oppositional Defiance, Depressive Mood, and Subjective Will-Being: Mediating Role of Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction and Frustration
M111110 Tsai, Jui-Yun Lin, Min-Pei, Ph.D. Association between Online and Offline Social Support and Non-suicidal Self-injury among Junior High School Students during COVID-19 Outbreak: The Mediating Role of Self-criticism
M111111 Lee, Szu-Hsien Hsu, Yi-Fang, Ph.D. An Event-Related Potential Study on the Attentional Modulation of Repetition Effect
M111112 Chen, Chia-Chen Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D. The Relationship among Work-Family Conflict, Social Support, and Well-Being in Working Family Caregivers of People with Dementia
M111201 Wang, Yi-Cheng Huang, Li-Li, Ph.D.  Impact of  inority Stress on Gender Nonconforming People: Examining Mediating Pathways and Protective Effects of Coping
Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D.
M111202 Chien, Hung-Ju Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. The Relationship between Parental Expectation and Indecisiveness of College Students: the Mediating Role of Self-Differentiation
M111203 Wu, Pei-Jhen Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. Exploring the Experience of Adolescents who Experienced Unexpected Parental Bereavement during their Teenage on their Lives and Adult Intimate Relationships
M111204 Chen, Feng-Yi Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. The Adaptation Process of  Women’s Stress and Loneliness during the Childcare Stage
M111205 Sung, Yu Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. The Relationshep between Career Chaos Attitude and Entrepreneurial Intention in Emerging Adulthood is Mediated by Career Aspirations and Career Adaptability
M111206 Tseng, Hao-Yi Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. A Study on Work Stress, Grit and Subjective Well-Being of Junior High School Teachers
M111207 Lu, Yi Tien, Hsiu-Lan Shelley, Ph.D. The Place Where Lost Things Go: A Self-Narrative Study
M111208 Chu, Yen-Hsuan Lin, Min-Pei, Ph.D. Positive Outcome Expectancy, Smartphone Refusal Self-Efficacy and Smartphone Addiction among Senior High School Student in Taiwan
M111209 Wu, You-Zhu Lin, Min-Pei, Ph.D. The Relationship between Alexithymea and Internet Addiction among Junior High School Students: The Mediating Role of Self-Criticism
M111210 Jiang, Jia-Ru Chiang, Chao-Mei, Ph.D. Female Politicians’ Awareness and Coping Strategies to Mental Health Engaging in Politics
M111211 Liu, Wei-Hsuan Chiang, Chao-Mei, Ph.D. Adult Female College Students’ Experiences, Coping Strategies and Influence of Perceived Gender Microaggressions
M111212 Wu, Ping-Chen Wang, Ying-Fen, Ph.D. Emotion Regulation as a Mediator between Parent Attachment and Solitude in College Students
M111213 Wang, Ting-Kai A Study on the Effects of Junior High School Emotional Education Courses on Students’ Executive Function, Cognitive Flexibility, Emotional Intelligence, and Life Satisfaction 
M111214 Chang, Yu-Ling Wang, Yu-Chen, Ph.D. A Narrative Research on Voluntary Career Transition Process of Dual-Career Males
M111215 Chang, Chia-Min Chen, Hsiu-Jung, Ph.D. Exploring the Process of Ethical Dilemmas and Decision-Making of Intern Counseling Psychologists within Counselling Practice in Community Institutions
M111216 Chen, Shang-Yen Wang, Ying-Fen, Ph.D. A study of the Correlation between Adult Attachment, Distress Disclosure, and Premarital Commitment-A Case of Unmarried Adult with Partner Aged 18 to 40
M111217 Chen, Ting-Ai Jian, Yu-Cin, Ph.D. The Differences in Cognitive Processes and Comprehension Results of L2 Readers with Different Language Proficiency Levels: An Eye movement Study
M111218 Lin, Yi-Wei Chen, Huey-Jiuan, Ph.D. Relationship between Perfectionism, Learning Burning and Life Satisfaction among University Students: University Belonging as a Mediator
M110201 Hsieh, Ya-Lun Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. Stress as Mediator between the Relationship of Rejection Sensitivity and Mental Health among College Students
M110202 Chen, Li-Ya Lin, Chi-Wei, Ph.D. A Study of Nonmarital Romantic Relationship Stability and Development
Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D.
M110203 Cai, Yongyan Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. Becoming Feminine: A Self-Narrative Study of Rooting the Self
M110204 Su, Chi-Chi Wang, Ying-Fen, Ph.D. A Study of The Individual Group Member Interpersonal Process Scale (IGIPS) Applied to Group Counseling Changing Process Research with Sequential Analysis
Hsu, Kevin Yu-Kuang, Ph.D.
M110205 Huang, Yun-Wen Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. The Narrative of Self-Care Experience and Transformation for Professional Helpers Dealing with Crisis Intervention in Novice Stage
M110206 Chen, Siou-Fen Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. The Relationship among Intolerance of Uncertainty, Differentiation of Self and Psychological Well-being: The Mediating Effect of Self-compassion of Taiwanese Emerging Adults
M110207 Wei, Tzu-Hsiang Yu, Hsiao-Ping, Ph.D.
Wang, Yu-Jen, Ph.D.
A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study on Career Exploration Experiences of Students Who Have Graduated from Non-School Based Individual Experimental Education at Senior High School Level
M110208 Chiu, De-Wei Chang, Yu-Lin, Ph.D. The Analysis of Junior High School Integrative Activities Domain Teacher's Weighting on Competence-Based Curriculum Desigh Principles
M110209 Li, Yu-Ting Chen, Hsiu-Jung, Ph.D. The Relationship among Career Adaptability and Subjective Well-being of Emerging Adults under Change with Courage as Mediating Variable
M110210 Yen, Chia-Hsuan Wang, Ying-Fen, Ph.D. The Relationship among Cognitive Flexibility, Cultural Intelligence, and Multicultural Counseling Competence of Professional Counselors in Taiwan
M110211 Chen, Po-Jung Chen, Hsiu-Jung, Ph.D. Explore the Process of Unemployed Young Adults' Unemployment Experience from the Perspectives of Conservation of Resources and Resilience
M110212 Yang, Chiun-Huei Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. Love and Self-Transformation: Self-Narrative on Intuition and Spiritual Awakening
M110213 Yow, Xin Yue Tien, Hsiu-Lan, Ph.D. Meeting Wound to Wound: Narrative Research on The Transformation of The Adversity Childhood Experience of Delinquency Adolescent into Helping Experience
M110214 Tsao, Mei-Hsuan Wang, Yu-Chen, Ph.D. "Happiness of Retirement:" A Narrative Research on The Experience of Retirees in Well-being Development.
M110215 Chen, Wei-Chu Wang, Yu-Chen, Ph.D. The Experience of Playback Theatre based on Strength-Centered Therapy in Mental Health
M110216 Yu, Hao-Chuan Chang, Shih-Hua, Ph.D. Relationships of Psychological and Relationship Adjustment, Differentiation of Self, and Life Satisfaction among Young Adults in Taiwan
M110217 Huang, Ting-Han Huang, Po-Hsien, Ph.D. Applying Deep Learning Model to Detect Suicide-Related Information in Lifeline
M110218 Tseng, Yu-Chen Chen, Po-His, Ph.D. Assessing Measurement Invariance of Family Interaction, Social Capital and Mental Health between Adolescent and Youth Students
M110219 Wang, Li-Ying Chen, Hsiu-Jung, Ph.D. The Efficacy of Mindfulness Curriculum on Anxiety, Anger, Well-being and Mindfulness of Students in Special Class in Vocational High School
M110220 Wu, Szu-Tuan Hsu, Wei-Su, Ph.D. The Effects of Solution-Focused Consultant on Teacher Efficacy of High School Teachers
M110221 Wang, Hsin-Shao Wang, Yu-Chen, Ph.D. A Narrative Study on Perceived Family Resilience of Family Members of Patients with Schizophrenia
M110222 Wu, Pei-Shiuan Sung, Yao-Ting, Ph.D. The impact of Middle School Students' Congruence of Career Interest/Aptitude Profile and High School Orientation on Career Decisions-Making and Life Adaptation
M110223 Su, Zi-Yun Liu, Tzu-Chien, Ph.D. Exploring the Impacts of Cognitive Load, Learning Performance, Note-taking Quality on the Timing of Note-taking in Video Assisted Learning
M110224 Huang, Yu-Mien Lee, Jun-Ren, Ph.D. How Grit, Self-control, and Conscientiousness Influence Vocational High School Students' Academic Achievement
M110225 Shih, Che-Yu Lin, Cheng-Chang, Ph.D. The Comparison of Rational Thinking and Heuristic on Decision Outcome-Taking Expected Utility Rule and 1/n Rule as Example
M110226 Tsai, Min-Jou Chen, Huey-Jiuan Ph.D. The Relationship between Parent-child Conflict, Relational Turbulence, Coping Strategies of Conflict and Mental Health
M110227 Wu, Tzu-Yin Liu, Tzu-Chien, Ph.D. The Impact of Mindfulness Mediatation Training and Mindfulness APP on Mindfulness Awareness, Media Multitasking and Mind Wandering
Chen, Hsiu-Jung, Ph.D.
M110228 Hui, Ting Ting Lin, Cheng-Chang, Ph.D. A Study on the Relationship Between Family Adaptability, Cohesion and Third Culture Kids' (TCKs) Psychological Well-Being: Acculturation Adaptation as Mediator
M110229 Lim, Ananda Ke Fan Chang, Yu-Lin, Ph.D. The Relatioonship among Solution-Focused Thinking, Hope, Creative Thinking, and Satisfaction with Life
Hsu, Wei-Su, Ph.D.
M110230 Lin, Yen-Ting Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D. A Exploring the Relationship between the Big Five Personality Traits and Career Maturity-Research on Grits as the Mediating Variable
Chang, Yu-Lin, Ph.D.
M110231 Yang, Ting-Wen Liu, Tzu-Chien, Ph.D. The Effects of Vivid and Lively Instructional Behaviors on Students'Emotional Perception, Learning Motivation, Cognitive Load and Learning Performance in Lecture Video
M110101 Lo,Pei-Jia Chen, Huey-Jiuan, Ph.D. Serial Mediation of Sense of Purpose and Psychological Resilience between Intolerance of Un certainty and Flourishing among Emerging Adulthood Adult
M110102 Chen,Yu-Hsuan Chen, Huey-Jiuan, Ph.D. The Relationship Between Temporal Metacognition and Psychological Well-Being among Adolescents:The Mediating Effect of Self-Identity
M110103 Liu,Yi-Hsin Wang, Yu-Chen, Ph.D. Running Away is for Being More Energetic to Comeback: A Narrative Research on The Experience of Novice Counselor Developing Career Resilience from Their Travel Story 
M110104 Lopez Mayorga, Paula Ximena Wang, Li-Fei, Ph.D. Leader Responsiveness, Group Engagement,and Well-being:A Mediation Role of Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction
M110105 Tang, Yu-Ting Lee, Jun-Ren, Ph.D. Self-Concept and Life Adaption of Junior and Senior High School Student with Learning Disability
M110106 Kuo, Chih-Hsuan Liu, Tzu-Chien, Ph.D. Exploring the Impacts of Subtitles, Labels and Prior Knowledge on Redundancy Effect in Animation Assisted Learning
M110107 Chen, Tzu-Jung Tien, Hsiu-Lan ,Ph.D. A Grounded Theory on the Experience of Gap Year on the Process ogf Developing Meaning in Life in Emerging Adulthood
M109101 Lin, Wei-Sin Hsu, Wei-Su ,Ph.D. The Effects of Solution-Focused Brief Counseling on Problem Solving Attitude of High School Students
M109102 Lee, Jia-Jen Wang, Yu-Jen, Ph.D. Premarital Happiness–The Experience of Psy-chological Displacement Paradigm in Diary-writing in Premarital Women
M109103 Lin, Peng-Hsuan Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D. Analysis of The Differences in Cognitive Abilities, Language Abilities, Social Abilities, and Emotional Abilities between New Inhabitants and Native Children—Family Environment Diversity as Moderator
Chang, Yu-Lin, Ph.D.
M109104 Yang, Li-Hsiang Pei-Li Wu, Ph.D. Going against the Grain:   Taiwanese Participants' Experiences of the Recovery Process and Body Image after Bariatric Surgery
M109105 Sofia Vintimilla Andrade Wang, Ying-Fen, Ph.D. Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on perciverd stress and subjective well-being in the international community living in Taiwan: Using proactive coping as a moderator.
M109201 Zhong, Han-Rong Wu, Chao-Jung, Ph.D. Academic Vocabulary and Word Knowledge in Junior High School Education
M109202 Lin, Chia-Hui Wang, Yu-Jen, Ph.D. The Influential Experience of the Family Chessboard used in Individual Counselling
M109203 Kuo, Pin-Hsien Jian, Yu-Cin, Ph.D. The Processing Strategies for Illustrated Science Reading and Chinese Academic Words with Different Semantic Transparency among Seventh- Grade Students: An Eye Tracking Study
M109204 Chen, Kuan-Chu Lin, Min-Pei, Ph.D. Depression, Actual and Virtual Social Support, and Refusal Self-efficacy of Internet Use: A Moderated Mediation Model of Internet Addiction
M109205 Hsieh, Ni-Chen Wang, Yu-Jen, Ph.D. The Experience of Burnout and Resilience of the Junior High School Guidance Teacher
M109206 Chia-Shyuan Wei Pei-Li Wu, Ph.D. From Ruthless Love to the Capacity of Concern: Using Psychoanalytic Conceptions to Discourse on Emotional Experiences Between the Companion Animal and the Human Being
M109207 Chen, Ying-Han Wu, Chao-Jung, Ph.D. The Predictive Power of General Vocabulary and Mathematics Vocabulary for Mathematics Achievement among Middle- and High-Grade Students of Elemantary School
M109208 Yuan, Hsin-Ju Cheng, Ching-Ling, Ph.D. The Associations among Adult Attachment, Autonomy, and Conflict-Coping Strategies betwwen Romantic Partners in Emerging Adulthood: An analysis of the Actor-Partner Independence Mediation Model
Wu, Chih-Wen, Ph.D.
M109209 LIU, YI-JIA Chen, Hsueh-Chih, Ph.D. The Mediating role of Sense of Purpose between Learning Engagement and Psychological Well-being among Adolescents
Chang, Yu-Lin, Ph.D.
M109210 Ding, Wan-Ling Tien, Hsiu-Lan, PH.D. A Relational Research on Social Support, Psychological Well-being, and Life Satisfaction among LGBT people
M109211 Liao, Yi-An Cheng, Ching-Ling, Ph.D.  The Relationships Between Relational Aggression, Victimization and Bystander Behaviors among Junior High School Students: Normative Beliefs about Relational Aggression as a Mediator
M109212 Hsieh, Mei-Fang Cheng, Hsiu-Jung, Ph.D.  The Life Experience and On-line Writing Experience of Young Cancer Patients: A Narrative Inquiry
M109213 Wu, An-Qi Cheng, Ching-Ling, Ph.D.  Relationship Between Social Goals and Social Behavior among Middle School Students: Popularity as a Moderator
M109214 Chao, Min-An Cheng, Ching-Ling, Ph.D.  Relationships between Social Goals and Aggressive Behavior of Junior High School Students: Peer Climate and Gender as Moderators
M109215 Cheng, Nien-Tzu Chen, Huey-Jiuan, Ph.D. The Relationships between Volunteering Motivation, Balanced Time Perspective, Flourishing, and Life Satisfaction among Adulthood in Taiwan
M109216 Yang, Yue-En Cheng, Ching-Ling, Ph.D.  Purpose og High School Students: Associations with School Belonging, Teacher Support, Peer Support and Psychological Adjustment
M109217 Teng, Ching-Yun Su, Yi-Fen, Ph.D. A Preliminary Study on the Development of Preschool Children's Inferential Comprehension